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I am occasionally asked questions on various aspects of my work, so please scroll down to see if your query is included here.  

Q. Do you offer ayahuasca ceremonies?

A.  My shamanic work encompasses aspects of working energetically with herbs, plants and trees that are native to the British Isles. Ayahuasca is broadly illegal in the UK and is therefore not something I offer.  I always  encourage caution if you are contemplating this type of potentially life-altering experience as it requires extended physical, mental and spiritual preparation. 

Q.  Can I book some distant healing?

A.  I can offer distant healing sessions if you're unable to attend in person, at the same price as in person.  However, distant healing is not suitable for long term spiritual/multi timeline extractions or removals.  Additionally, the first part of the Quantum Frequency Alignment (QFA)  is done remotely, whilst the remaining healing/alignment requires completion in person.  

Q.  Is accommodation available for your one day workshops?

A.  Yes, overnight accommodation is available on a self-catered b&b basis, either in Shaman's Retreat or Shaman's Lodge.  Please book early.

Q.  Do you offer Reiki and/or specific shamanic training?

A.  My workshops provide the opportunity for you to embrace a living spiritual/quantum/shamanic way of being and practice, aligned to Source.  It is heart-led, accrued from a lifetime of learning and understanding, and adapted for each group of participants, so you truly have the skills you need going forward.  I no longer teach Reiki.  Instead, I offer training to already qualified healers in the Quantum Frequency Alignment(QFA) protocol, specifically for the new paradigm.

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