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your questions answered

I am occasionally asked questions on various aspects of my work, so please scroll down to see if your query is included here.  

Q. Do you offer ayahuasca ceremonies?

A. I am not a plant medicine woman and therefore it is not in my gift to offer this work.  I always  encourage caution if you are contemplating this type of potentially life-altering experience as it requires extended physical, mental and spiritual preparation. 

Q.  Can I book some distant healing?

A.  If you're unable to attend in person, I can offer distant healing.  However, multi timeline extractions or negative energy removals are best achieved as part of an in-person shamanic session.  The Quantum Frequency Alignment (QFA)  protocol is a mixture of both distant and in person healing/alignment. . 

Q.  Is accommodation available for your courses?

A.  Yes, limited accommodation is available on a self-catered b&b basis, either in Shaman's Retreat or Shaman's Lodge.  If you don't see accommodation listing when booking a course, please email me here

Q.  Do you offer Reiki and/or specific shamanic training?

A.  I no longer offer formal Reiki training.  Instead, I offer qualified healers the opportunity to learn the Quantum Frequency Alignment (QFA) protocol, specifically for the new paradigm. This is offered on a personal request basis.

Generally my courses provide the skills needed to embrace a living spiritual/quantum/shamanic way of being, aligned to Source.  They are heart-led, accrued from a lifetime of learning and understanding, and adapted for each group of participants.  My work is open to healers and non healers alike.

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