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personal exploration

Healing and guidance on a personal level

Overnight accommodation can also be arranged in Shaman's Lodge

Integrated Healing

A 60 minute healing session from a diverse toolkit, including Reiki, Crystals, shamanic healing, herbs, depending on your needs. Session includes consultation and post-treatment advice. £60


Personal Pow Wow

A full day immersive soul guidance and coaching experience. We build the day around your needs.  Can encompass many aspects of shamanic and/or medicine wheel teachings, power animals, breathe/meditation work, tools and techniques, sacred space, nature work, soul purpose, releasing old programming. £180


Quantum Field Alignment (QFA)

A powerful soul alignment protocol  - details here   £150

Training in QFA protocol for healers   £200


Remote Medicine Wheel Readings 

A 30-40 minute voice recorded card reading, emailed to you.   £60