Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

our time together

Personal Pow Wows

In person tailored tuition and guidance available on half or full day basis. Explore divine purpose, ascension, power animals, shamanism, ritual, ceremony and more. Half day: £90  Full day: £180 

Integrated Healing

In person healing sessions utilising skills from a diverse healing toolkit, depending on   requirements.  May incorporate Reiki, Crystals, Shamanic healing/extraction, Sound, Diamond Light and Quantum Field Healing.

Initial session: £90.  Follow up (if required): £60


1-2-1 Healing Technology Training

Reiki Attunements: 1st degree:£175, 2nd degree: £350

Quantum Field Alignment (for professional healers) £175

Remote Medicine Wheel Readings 

The medicine wheel and shamanic oracle provide a pathway to higher consciousness that provides access to deeper information.  Readings are recorded and emailed.

Reading £60.  Reading + remote healing £90