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~ putting intuition in the driving seat ~

Leaders Beyond Language is an invitation to study the quantum and shamanic nature of the Universe. This isn't about learning new buzz words, methodologies or game plans.  It's about assisting the leaders of today and tomorrow in exploring aspects beyond the usual developmental boundaries.   


Many CEO's, organisational founders, managers and celebrities regularly visit tribes peoples and shamans to explore mysticism and undergo ceremonies.  Even The Beatles famously studied meditation in northern India for a while in the late 1960's.

Diana affords the opportunity to explore central themes of shamanism and to experience first hand the true nature of who we are.  With twenty years of experience in guiding and assisting others, Diana weaves shamanic knowledge and indigenous wisdom with the uncanny ability to provide deep processing around key elements. 


A central tenant of this offering is the sacred medicine tool familiar to cultures worldwide - the drum.  The use of frame drums can be traced back into antiquity. You'll have the opportunity to experience powerful and transformational understanding via shamanic drumming.  Moreover, creating (or birthing) your own drum will put you directly in touch with its true power and meaning.  

Your Leaders Beyond Language Retreat:

~ two days at Shaman's Retreat, Somerset 

~ core shamanic exploration and journeying

~ understanding energetic space and empowerment

~ birthing a shamanic drum

~ nature and ceremonial rites of passage

~ flexing intuitive muscles

~ processing and reflective time

For all enquiries, what's included and availability, please contact Diana here

Businesses and managers will be increasingly reliant on embodying perceptual techniques to navigate emerging realities in these dramatically changing times..

The Quantum Shaman

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