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your wild soul

There's an ancient frequency deep within you that holds power and magic. It is your soul calling out to be acknowledged and set free.  To understand and remember who you really are. Your one wild soul 

Personal Pow Wow

 I  am the hollow bone that can help you rediscover what you need to know.  You'll learn much about the essence of your divine vibration, perhaps meet a power animal, study shamanic ritual and ceremony, embrace shadow work and much more.

Available in person only and tailored to your needs.

From £90

Medicine Wheel 

Using the medicine wheel as a guiding force, I utilise the imagery from the Shaman's Oracle to provide a pathway to higher consciousness and allow access to deeper information.  These remote readings last for approximately 30-40 minutes, are voice recorded and emailed to you as a permanent record.

Available on request.



My Reiki lineage can be traced back through Iris Ishikuro, Hawayo Takata directly to Mikao Usui.  My teaching is blended with shamanic practices that will provide you with healing skills needed for these times. 

Available on request

From £175