Creating Shaman's Retreat

They say #dreams can come true, that we #create and #manifest our own reality. Well, that has certainly came true for us and midsummer 2015 was a very special moment. Having been on the road in the motorhome since April, we finally moved into our new home on the #Somerset #Dorset border on 20th June that year. Even more poignant was the fact that we now had a beautiful annexe space that was not only great to have family come and stay but was the perfect place to open the #retreat space I had longed for.

One night a few weeks later and the name #shamans #rest came to me in a dream. So I began to furnish and prepare the annexe as I followed this #intuitive nudge. The #universe had other plans for me though if I thought I could just move home after 35 years in one place, leave all my family behind, unpack and just expect to start again in a new location without any consequences. Those consequences came crashing around me as my #energy levels plummeted, I felt constantly drained, and had a rotator cuff shoulder injury. I sought out a holistic #healer who could help me; I already knew the benefits from #acupuncture some years previous and this occasion proved just as beneficial. It was a wake up call when the acupuncturist accurately mentioned my energy levels were on the floor. I had not only gone through my 'reserve tank' she said, but that was almost empty too - my adrenal glands were fatigued. Rest she said. Rest. But I had so much to do I said. Rest, came back the answer. Acupuncture helped to alleviate the bone-deep nagging pain in my upper arm during treatments, but it was several weeks of doing very little, using magnesium oil, having magnesium salt baths, various #homeopathic remedies and having plenty of r-e-s-t before I felt even remotely able to begin again. So #shamans #retreat started out as a shaman's resting place - how bloody ironic! The #universe has a sense of humour!

Since then #shamans #retreat has fledged its wings and has grown into a beautiful space for #shamanic and #drum-making #workshops, #reiki #courses, #healing and overflow #accommodation for workshop participants. I'm continually blessed to be here at this time and to continue connecting with the landscape, history, energy ley lines, and nature that surrounds us. But more of those things another time! This is a moment to cherish and honour what has been achieved and recognise the moment when 'the adventure begins!'

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