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Diving into shamanic practice

In the quest to explore, experience and embrace #shamanic #practices, it's helpful to have a little understanding about what shamanism is, who it's for, what it can do or can't do, and its relevance among the extreme times in which we live. The internet is awash with shamanic #workshops, #trainings, rites of passage journeys to far-flung places, plant-induced trance journeys and all manner of #esoteric sounding #teachings. Beyond much of these popular westernised approaches, it's nevertheless generally recognised that shamanism is the oldest #spiritual #practice in the world so it's no wonder that you'll see it everywhere you look. But what relevance is that snippet of knowledge in today's world? What does shamanism really mean? If you practice shamanism, does it automatically mean you're a #shaman? And how does that help you as an individual?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a shaman is a person who is regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of good and evil spirits who also practices divination and healing. Exploring beyond a simplistic academic notion, the root of the word 'shaman' originates from a Siberian tribe and is generally accepted as meaning 'a seer' or 'one who knows'. In that sense it can arguably be said that we all have the ability to be shamans. However, I think Sandra Ingerman, world renowned shamanic teacher and author, wraps it up quite succinctly in her book Awakening to the Spirit World when she refers to shamanism as the path of direct revelation. To me, this absolutely ties in with the knowledge that everything is composed of energy and we are part of a living, breathing energy planet that is also part of a living breathing energy universe - consciousness itself. It goes beyond any and all religion. We all possess this ability to connect and commune with the energy of the Earth and all its inhabitants, the Universe, and the Source of All That Is, to gain information, direction, understanding, healing and more. Shamanic practice can help you to begin to have direct access to this body of knowledge as well as deeper truths about your psyche if you have and apply a basic understanding of the methods and mechanisms that give rise to this access. It's the ultimate source of wisdom and healing that indigenous peoples throughout time have been telling us about. I've therefore deliberately chosen an image of a diver among stunning coral reef to help illustrate the rich, abundant, colourful, meaningful and multi-dimensional world that awaits anyone who wishes to embrace and dive into shamanic practice. Furthermore, I believe it to be understandable that at this most pivotal point in human history more and more people are seeking this type of connection. As the apocalyptic times continue (apocalyptic simply means to reveal what was once hidden), people are literally 'waking up' in their droves to the false reality of the 3D world that is being projected. Many indigenous tribal shamans talk about dreaming the world awake. For aeons they have been the wisdom carriers of this knowledge, gently helping humanity at individual and community level. Now, in this moment of humanity's greatest need, they continue to impart their understanding, urging us to dare to look beyond the physical realm to the truth of our divine inheritance. Doing this could just be our greatest awakening ever. If you want to begin diving into #shamanic #practice then please contact me or book your place on one of my #shamanic #workshops and #retreats.

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