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Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Since its inception in late 2015, Shaman's Retreat has become the focus for awakening souls who are drawn to a range of workshops, retreats, and training. I'm sometimes quizzed about the background and the offerings available and what the future holds, so here's a little more of the story and why 2020 is a pivotal moment of expansion.

The location

When we left our home in Sussex back in spring 2015, little did we know where we would be landing. Our furniture was in storage, the house was in the process of being sold, and we decided to head south-west in our motorhome until we found somewhere. A synchronistic meeting with an agent two months later eventually led to us moving into the Dairy House, in a small hamlet about three miles south of Yeovil, located literally a few yards from the Somerset/Dorset border. The house is part of an old manorial farm, and the location and landscape is steeped in history dating in parts to pagan times. The stone barn annexe immediately gave rise to the sense of the unfolding of my work - a space to offer shamanic teachings, healing and other offerings. So the doors to Shaman's Retreat opened in 2016 and from these first fledgling gatherings the work has continued to grow, evolve and change.

The ethos

Shaman's Retreat has always been much more than just a workshop space. The ethos has always been to include and encourage people to connect beyond the physical to the aliveness of nature and the land - to understand the living wisdom of trees (celtic tree ogham), the water, the energy lines running through, the medicine wheel points, a symbiotic relationship with the elements, as well as providing an opportunity to explore the very heart of who we are - spiritual divine beings in a quantum multi-dimensional universe.

The key ingredients

Experience: Sacred teachings are offered through a range of group workshops and retreats encompassing various aspects of shamanic knowledge, earth wisdom and so much more. I find that each workshop is unique as I sense and flow with the energy and what is needed in that moment. In the summer of 2019 we were additionally blessed to become the guardian of Spirit Horse Yurt (pictured). This became the location for more indepth shamanic training during the autumn and which is now open for bookings again this May - The Shaman Within.

Embody: For those who prefer one to one guidance and/or healing, there's the opportunity to stay in Shaman's Retreat and spend time receiving one to one tuition. This tailored approach provides the opportunity to really embody the spiritual work at a personal level. Choose from A Personal Pow-Wow or Dreamweaver Day. Additionally, Leaders Beyond Language is also available for leaders and managers wishing to understand the spiritual nature of emerging realities.

Empower: Without a doubt, honouring that inner call to stillness until you can feel, see, sense and hear your soul speak is the gift available to everyone. To explore and understand your soul's light is to empower your spiritual core.

The transformation

Crucially now, at this juncture on the most powerful astrological 4 planetary conjunction on 12th January, the reclaiming of our true spiritual heritage as Divine Co-creators is set to herald a new cycle on earth. What is known as the 'rainbow serpent line' of the earth is opening. Collectively, it means providing the ability to finally begin to break free from the forces that have hitherto been keeping humanity from claiming individual and collective spiritual power. 2020 is therefore likely to see an upsurge in these revelations and many souls will really wake up and see through the scale of the illusions. This is truly the year to let go of the fear of the 3D world and reclaim your spiritual heritage. The year of JFDI!

It's no longer about retreating, but claiming your true heritage. So this year Shaman's Retreat is being renamed Shaman's Hub... a central focal point for continual shamanic learning and development as Divine Co-creators which radiates outward through the Universal web, like the spokes of a wheel.

I very much look forward to this expansion and in meeting you on your journey.

Namaste to you all.

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