Messengers of spirit

So what do you call yours? Power Animal? Spirit Helper? Animal Fetcher? Spirit Animal? What you call yours may be the common term used within your own culture but essentially they all refer to the same concept. These Messengers of Spirit are connected to an aspect of your soul that give you guidance and power. At the deepest level of meaning they are a psychological part of who you are - nudges from your soul if you like - to help you understand yourself better and provide guidance on your life path in this physical plane of existence.

A central tenant of shamanism is acknowledging that ALL of nature is alive and therefore any part of nature can be connected with to seek help and understanding in times of need. Your power animal does this by showing up with signs, synchronicities, messages, appearances etc . Interpreting the messages from power animals, therefore, is also unique to you. It's about understanding the qualities of the power animal that has shown itself to you so you can better understand what's going on and what action, acknowledgement or other steps you need to take. This process and level of understanding can appear rather cryptic to many and indeed may seem alien at first, but one of the most helpful ways to make sense of any message from a power animal is to consider it in the context of what is happening in your life at that moment such as -

- on the cusp of a major life change

- when a difficult decision is needing to be made

- when you need reminding of a quality you need to use or apply

- when you need support or comfort

- confirmation of the next step on your path

I've helped many people discover their power animal through power animal retrieval journeys.

I recall a particularly amusing one many years ago when a woman came for a session to discover her power animal even though she openly admitted she was sceptical about the whole process. Needless to say, her power animal - a seal - showed up and she was overjoyed with emotion. I gave her some advice on how to better get to know her power animal and she took copious notes on everything. As she was about to leave she turned to me and told me that for the 3 days prior to seeing me she kept hearing a song in her head - it wasn't one she'd heard on the radio but rather kept playing over and over in the head. The song was Kiss from a Rose by Seal! I had to laugh out loud! Despite all her prior scepticism, her power animal had already been giving her a message, telling her Seal is here! This is a classical example of how Messages from Spirit may be received!

Aside from these many subtle signs, there's also other information and knowledge you can learn about power animals and how many you have, as well as learning how to interpret the visible appearance of them. If you'd like to understand about your power animals and wish to experience journeying to meet one, then consider booking a Personal Pow Wow day.

Crow is a strong power animal associated with magical wisdom and knowledge

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