Quantum Frequency Alignment (QFA)

There's a unique book of code held within the Hall of Records in the field of consciousness.  It's the code of your cosmic journey - past, present and future lives, loves, losses, lessons learned, galactic bonds and unique qualities and gifts.  It provides information and clues about the potential source of any current issues that may be perceived as rips or tears within the auric template layers and experienced as disease and discord in the present day.  It holds the keys to answering many questions and affords the opportunity for deep soul healing - which are missing pieces of code. 


As we cross the threshold into New Earth, your time to align with the frequency of who you really are is the opportunity to reclaim your Divine Sovereignty


This is a 3-step healing protocol for those who are truly ready to meet themselves  

£150 - Available on request. 


the reading

A remote viewing  and written report of your code 


the healing

In person shamanic session

followed by step 3


the alignment

 Voicing and sealing of reclamation statements