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Image by Lee Jeffs

soul sessions

Designed to facilitate and sustain you through this incredible time of transition on earth, these sessions engage in spiritual coaching, shamanic work, intuitive guidance, akashic reading and multi-dimensional assistance.  Whether for 60 minutes or 6 hours, it's time to express, understand, release and heal from old outdated patterns.

If you'd like a free 15 minute telephone chat to discuss your requirements, please contact me HERE

sacred circle

Enjoy a nourishing and nurturing soul reading for insight and increased clarity.  This empowering experience utilises the wisdom from medicine wheel teachings, accompanied by deep intuitive clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant understanding. Please note this does not negate any resulting work you need to do for yourself.


60 minutes   £60

quantum pow-wow

A deeply profound exploration built around your soul needs.  Whether it's past life, present life, repeating patterns or a desire to put the pieces of your personal puzzle together, then this is for you. This is a multi-dimensional, multi-level experiential enquiry of releasing, healing, repairing and reintegration. It encompasses many aspects of my work, and is aligned to the ascension process for humanity.

6 hours   £360

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