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Image by Dave Hoefler

the shaman's cave
 **new from 2023** 

A deep dive shamanic session for healers, therapists and practitioners

  • Connecting you more deeply to your soul's purpose.

  •  Going beyond third dimensional knowledge and understanding

  • Discovering your 'great work'

  • Remote viewing new earth

  • Creating your life as a divine tapestry


What you can expect

  • shamanic initiatory experience and deep inner work. which will include journeying through the shaman's cave portal

  • primordial sounds, frequencies and vibrations

  • communing with aspects of nature

  • learning to recognise and act appropriately on nudges from the universe

  • an opportunity to connect to deep ancient wisdom

  • an opportunity to remove and heal from repeating negative patterns and energies across all dimensions

  • a confidential and private environment

What you need to bring:

  • ​An open and honest dialogue

  • Recognition and acknowledgement of your current abilities, as well as potential for new growth

  • Willingness to let go of the old you that you thought you were

  • A desire to continue processing, learning and re-evaluating your personal ascension process

  • A positive outlook for yourself and for humanity

  • An honest exchange in the form of currency for our time together

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