"Beautiful energy and perfect sacred space to allow the personal journey to flow."

Jill, West Midlands

Personal Pow Wow

A precious personal investigative time out

Become the spiritual architect of your future in this meeting of mind, body and soul. 


Message from Diana 25th May 2020

 The fabric of the old 3D order is now collapsing rapidly and we're in the process of birthing the 5D ascension timeline.  This choice point is what the shamans of old have been telling us about - to wake up from the dream and release ourselves from old programming. But what does that actually mean for you? How do you navigate to unravel the truth of what's going on at both a planetary and personal level?

My work has always been to help guide, heal, teach and show you how to do just that.   Crucially at this moment, it includes helping you unravel what is happening at multiples levels and multi-dimensions.  This may include deep discussion on aspects of what's happening that may astonish or even shock you.  You may already be aware of some of this or intuitively 'know' but need to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Everything is hidden in plain sight, and I'll guide you in how you may discover these messages symbols and understandings so you can reach that centre point where you're grounded enough in the truth.   To let go of the fear, look at all the darkness and deal with it - whilst absolutely attaining a deep understanding of your Human Sovereignty and the Divine plan for you.

Our time together is more than just discussion though.  The frequencies of earth are changing and we are moving into the galactic centre.  This light is triggering karmic, ancestral or past life patterns deeply embedded within human dna in order to be cleared once and for all.   Through shamanic rituals, journeying, healing and rites of passage, I can help you discover, release and dissolve multi-dimensional agreements, discordant programs, imprints, energies, bloodlines etc across time and space.  You will reach a point where you can truly reclaim and declare your Human Sovereignty and spiritual gifts going forward.


Personal Pow Wows have been adjusted and are available on a sliding scale basis - the more time you book with me, the cheaper the rate.

Available on request

£90 - £180

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