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If you are travelling some distance,  please enquire here about overnight accommodation


Frequency Healing

The Universe communicates through frequency.  All healing is based on aligning frequencies for optimal health.  I offer a 60 minute healing session from a diverse toolkit encompassing aspects you may be familiar with such as reiki, crystals and shamanic work as well as crystalline light frequencies. Session includes consultation and post-treatment insight and advice.  £60


Personal Pow Wow

A full day immersive soul guidance and coaching experience. We build the day around your needs.  Over the course of 7 hours, we can encompass many aspects of shamanism, medicine wheel, power animals, meditation work, techniques, sacred space, nature work, soul purpose, ascension process, or other personal enquiry.  Bring your own lunch. £180

Quantum Field Alignment (QFA)

A powerful soul alignment experience.  A remote reading of your soul's unique journey held within the field of consciousness, followed by a physical deep shamanic treatment and realignment with your innate frequency, sealed with your unique reclamation statements. This is an in-depth 3-step healing protocol split across two separate dates, especially developed for these times.  £180

Training in QFA protocol for healers - please enquire here

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