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Vibrational /Frequency Healing

60 minute integrative healing session from a diverse toolkit.  May incorporate aspects of reiki, crystals, shamanic work, crystal bowls, drum and rattle and more.  Includes consultation and post-treatment insight and advice.  £60


Personal Pow Wow

A full day immersive soul guidance and spiritual coaching experience. We build the day around your needs.  Can encompass many aspects of shamanism, nature immersion/communication, meditation, sacred space, ascension process, or other enquiry.  Bring your own lunch. £300

Quantum Field Alignment (QFA)

A powerful soul alignment experience.  An in-depth 3-step healing protocol split across two separate dates - a distant remote view of your akashic record, followed by in person healing and powerful reclamation statement process. Especially developed for these times.  £360

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