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my journey into shamanism

 I'm a natural clairsentient intuitive, and have been a certified healer, spiritual coach and teacher for two decades.   My specialist practice encompasses various healing techniques, including Reiki and Diamond Light Healing, and also uses crystals, sound, earth wisdom, shamanism, and deep soul knowledge and quantum consciousness.

I birthed my sacred medicine tool around a tipi camp fire in a wood during a damp August weekend some years ago.  The primordial sound of the drum burst open a portal to my starseed connection, greater quantum awareness and my divine mission.

I welcome you during this global awakening.  Whether you're questioning events, desire to embrace your sovereignty, seek deep healing, or yearn to embody tools, techniques and spiritual knowledge - then you're in the right now moment to step into something greater than before. 


Our journey together will empower you as new earth unfolds.