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meet Diana

I've had a private healing practice since 2001 after leaving a corporate career behind.  I'm a Clairsentient Intuitive, Vibrational Alchemist, certified Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Life Coach, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Shamanic Healer, and Guide.


It was the birthing my own shamanic drum and the associated teachings that proved to be a powerful catalyst in 2012, awakening my inner shaman. It was like finding the piece of the missing puzzle with information flowing, synchronistic connections, awareness and messages, including from my spirit guide Buffalo Pipe Carrier.  I was shown what I am here to do.  This further opened a portal to soul level knowledge and quantum awareness, which I have intuitively always known.

Following a move to Somerset in 2015 I was guided to open Shaman's Retreat for healing and workshops, including helping others to awaken their own inner shaman.  I was bestowed with The Quantum Shaman name in 2018 and have now opened the Quantum School of Shamanism. 

I am among millions of Lightworkers holding energetic space during this global Ascension and Shift of the Ages.  As co-creators with Consciousness, we are literally changing energetically and moving into a positive different reality.  Focusing on this is extremely important.

I am also a writer and have had articles in spiritual and secular publications.  I contribute occasional articles for the Peoples Health Alliance and my blog. Most of my writing is currently focused on supporting my newsletter subscribers, which is available free of charge. (click here to subscribe)

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