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About me

I've been practising my craft since the dawn of the 21st century and is the culmination of over two decades of ongoing study and training.

My spiritual quest was born many years ago during my #Life #Coaching practice when I sensed I was being called to help others at a deeper level. I undertook extensive #Reiki training over several years leading to a #Reiki #Master qualification through the Hawayo Takata lineage, and thereby a direct link to #Mikao #Usui, the founder of the Reiki Natural Healing System. A #Crystal #Healing #Practitioner Diploma soon followed. I re-discovered connections to druidism, #celtic and other indigenous earth based traditions and found it easy to grasp the nature of the universe through quantum physics. These studies led to a pivotal weekend on a #shamanic #drum birthing course which brought elements into synchronistic focus. My connection with animals also grew and in particular a deeply held bond with #horses re-emerged.

Like many #Clairsentient #Intuitives, I'm able to know things about people, either physically or emotionally, and have learnt to trust this intuition. Others may call me a shaman, pagan, healer, seer, teacher. However you wish to describe it, there's a sacred space in which information from beyond the physical senses flows. This is the gift I bring to you.

As a qualified #Equine #Reiki practitioner with a Certificate in Applied Equine Behaviour I am a consultant on natural horse connection and #healing. My horses are kept barefoot and live out all year on a track system based on the Paddock Paradise model. I also practice mindfulness as an aide to animal communication.

Whether it's for humans or horses - the #drum, #crystals, #feathers, #sage smudge sticks, #wands, #pendulums, #oracle cards and #healing energy are the tools of my trade. They are here for you.

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