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...the doors of time (it's a kind of magic)...

Wow... just WOW! Trying to encapsulate the most pivotal moment in human history is quite frankly almost beyond words! We're in total uncharted territory right now... the warping of timelines that are spiralling ever faster in a vortex to the birthing of something never before known across galaxies. The experiment that began so long ago is now reaching its zenith... the unfolding of global collapse at all levels is quickening. The service-to-self dark groups and their hideous agendas are being revealed. This is the apocalypse... the time of great revealing. A time when humans awaken to the scale of deceit and control that a small group of satanic-worshipping entities have been rolling out for thousands of years. It affects all levels of society and all structures - economic - social - industrial -agricultural - justice - legal. The control begins from a moment a human is born through the registration of birth which creates the human as a commodity that is then traded on the stock market. It continues through every subsequent registration, from car registrations through to property 'ownership' registrations. It continues with mind control techniques through television, films, advertising, media. Current examples of this type of subliminal effect can be found in any supermarket today - circles on the floor dictating where you can stand. Additionally, as you walk round, repeated tannoy announcements every 10 minutes remind you to abide by the rules and tell you to keep your distance. Such subliminal techniques are straight out of the sleep hypnopaedia regulations described in the dystopian novel Brave New World written in 1932 and are also used today in well known mind control programs such as MK Ultra within Hollywood and the music industry. Subliminal symbols and signs are also used - all hidden in plain sight. As the warping of time continues, and the other factors mentioned come into our peripheral awareness, we stand on the threshold as witnesses to the total annihilation of ALL global structures.

So what are we to do? Do I write all this to add yet more fear? Absolutely NOT! This is our most powerful moment. A time when as humans we must face ourselves. We are RE-MEMBERING our Sovereign Heritage as aspects of the divine consciousness. We are being forced to go IN-ward to recognise that the holographic program that has been running is no longer sustainable. There is no escape from this inevitability... EVERY-one at some point will have to come face to face with this. Collectively we need to recognise the projections we've been creating and start creating something different. There are now millions of people across the world who are waking up daily, declaring their Sovereignty, and claiming their divine inheritance. What we are witnessing is truly astonishing. Once fear is no longer running the show, heart-centred love becomes the driving force. We know that there are lightworkers even within the power structures across the planet who are, even as I write, helping to bring an end to the cabal structures. But we too have work to do. This is a time to not only let go of fear but to become a true Warrior of Light. A warrior of love and compassion. A warrior who understands that he/she is a glorious energetic field of energy that is having a physical human experience right now. A warrior who claims the inherent right as part of a galactic universe. A warrior who dons spiritual armour, riding the waves of global energy, being and communing with nature, re-assessing what he/she does, discovering what it means to be human now. A warrior who goes within to listen to all the pain, anger, grief, disillusionment held within. To wail and cry, to release and relearn. To discover the hidden dark within the light. To find the balance. This is the most primordial moment. Yes, chaos always precedes change. Yes, it's hugely difficult at so many levels for us all and I'm not immune to this. But let me tell you what I'm discovering. A knowing... a sense that I've always known this was coming.. to be here NOW, as this vortex of time spirals to this point. It really is a kind of magic.. cosmic in scale.. where when I'm sitting in nature I can travel out of body and witness looking down on myself and all that I have created around me.. when I can know deep within my core that I wanted this... all of it.. to be part of this pivotal timeline shift. And as I allow this to fill me, a beautiful deep peace rises up.

Over the coming months I'm exploring ways to help many more people reach this awakening point of power. I'm trusting and following my intuitive nudges how this will transpire. This is my work and what I'm here to do.

Blessings to you all. xxxxx

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