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of bone and biome

Sinking into this precious moment, in the centre of my spiral, representing the very core of my soul, I sit down to look out and contemplate the many planes of my soul's journey. I breathe deeply, inhaling the fragrant scent of the camomile beneath my body, running my bare toes through its soft tendrils, and catching the heady smell of honeysuckle surrounding this mini womb created in this special space. As I quieten my mind, I feel the falling away of the everyday. In my hands I cradle the bone. The bone that was gifted to this place through manifestation. I ruminated how the bone came to be here. I had been contemplating how shamans are often referred to as 'hollow bones' - a term that summarises the ability to tap into the field of consciousness beyond physicality for information and insight. The thought arose at that time of how having a bone for people to hold as they undertake this ritual would be really beneficial in many ways. I set the intention to 'find' such a bone. I forget now exactly how long it took from having that intended thought to literally discovering the bone by the spiral entrance one morning. But I recall how magical it was. There was the bone! It was exactly as I had envisaged. How it came to be at this spot we don't know. May be it was dropped by a bird of prey, or carried there by a local fox. We believe it to be a deer bone. Whatever the circumstances, this hollow bone has become part of this place and has assisted many folk through their own spiralling journey.

So here I sit, cradling the bone. I am drawn to looking down at this moment from a point of consciousness outside of space-time. I am immediately flooded with the intense weight of humanity, the swirling of so much that is happening and how humanity is so divided, yet underneath it all is crying out in collective angst to be released from this nightmare. As I allow this to wash over me so I can go deeper, I am gifted with insight which answers many questions all at once. It answers why I feel so deeply passionate about what's unfolding. It explains why my warrior-driven spiritual ancestry has been awakened, to defend against the nefarious forces that have resulted in the poisoning of the air, water, earth and food. It explains why as a first born Indigo child, I'm destined to challenge conventional ways of thinking, and desire harmony and peace amongst all races. The current control of humanity and removal of human liberty affronts my soul. As I continue to contemplate this as an eternal spark of consciousness, I'm pulled back into third dimensional reality and look down at the bone.

My awareness is led back to my own physicality. As I look around me I let the answer seep in. My bones, my flesh, my blood, my organs... my physical matrix is also part of this beautiful earth biome. As bio-electrical vibrational energetic beings we're not separate from this biome of life. We are intrinsically linked to it. One day my bone will be like the one I hold. My flesh will be consumed by bacteria, to become once more part of the earth itself. In this beautiful, most ancient life-filled plane that is deeply cherished by the continuum of souls, the rise and fall of physical existence continues. The physical body is so perfectly designed to be in harmony with this biome - to breath life, to commune with the earth itself, to co-create. It means therefore that when this true soul connection with this most loved ancient living biome is threatened, I cannot stand by and ignore it. As the earth herself reaches the galactic centre later this year, the question remains in the collective consciousness and among galactic neighbours whether humanity will finally let go of this nightmare, this dreamspell we've been playing out since the Atlantean dream vanished, and banish the forces that have held sway for far too long.

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