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Healing in the thick of it

#Reiki. One word that can conjure up so many different images of what healing is, or rather, what healing is perceived to be. #Equine #Reiki is much the same. It conjures up images of both what healing ‘looks’ like, and also what a healer is. The classic image is of the soft (usually) woman, who gently places her hands on or slightly above the horse being healed, or even stands at some distance of a few feet to send healing. The atmosphere is usually in hushed voices and words of encouragement, soothing all those around and creating the environment where healing can take place. And yes, certainly these elements are important in helping a frightened, nervous or suffering horse to remain calm and enable healing to flow or emotional stress released. However, there’s another side to healing which is not often touched upon by many but has equal validity. As a #healer, I’m interested in more than the capacity to go into a meditative state to connect with the animal. I want to know if you can trust that intuition and healing to flow when it’s most needed, in the thick of a dreadful scenario, when a horse has collapsed and fitted, or where injuries are beyond hope. When a horse is pleading with its eyes in front of you, crying out for help. When all you can do is collapse on your hands and knees in a muddy field in the middle of winter and, without preamble, meditation or getting into a zone, put your hands directly on the horse and send Reiki. Right there, right then. While the owner is frantically calling the emergency vet, while someone is rushing to find a blanket and all you can do is all you can do. Stay with the horse. Keep your hands on the horse because every time you move your hands away it starts fitting again. When all the anguish is going on around you. Can you give healing then? In the thick of all the chaos? Can you cradle a horse’s head in your lap and give Reiki after it’s been scoped for suspected colic and when the vet has resorted to suggesting to the owner to give brandy in the last hope of getting it up on its feet? Can you remain focused on the healing then? You see, healing can be a gutsy, down to earth business at times. In this physical plane of existence, the healer is the conduit or link between the horse and the universal flow of energy. Healing is the capacity to recognise that there may be times we are called to provide healing in unfortunate or downright horrid circumstances. Where there is not a moment to lose, no time to become still, but where our trust in the capacity to alleviate pain is called upon without warning or preparation.

Healing... in the thick of it.

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