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My spiritual toolkit

In a recent long-overdue tidy up of my office, I was constantly coming across old papers and notes of courses that I've attended, adapted and used over the years. My original intention was to do some light dusting of the shelves where my various Certificates proudly sit before tackling the messy job of sifting and sorting files and papers. This is always a hard task for me and usually somewhat denied personally. After all, isn't Einstein the one credited with the concept that all great minds have a messy desk? Perhaps in an attempt to massage my ego this forms a quiet but self-satisfying delusional barrier, resulting in sabotaging any clearing up efforts - the thought perhaps is that if a messy desk was good for Einstein then why not me?haha!

BUT - and it is a big but - when it comes to finding a particular piece of information, paper or crucial snippet, scurrying around and sifting through piles of paper on the desk or floor and wondering why a file is missing a vital piece of data, it becomes an increasing source of irritation and stress. Whilst my computer filing system is borderline adequate and works for me, the paper version leaves a lot to be desired! When I consider that the first few years of my working life was largely spent in administrative roles, I shudder at my own incompetence at times! These days I'm far more relaxed about things but it's still a good idea to have a fairly basic system in place!

So in the spirit of making my life a little easier I knuckled down and began tackling the inevitable. And so, as with most things that first appear difficult, I found it didn't take as long as I first thought. As I began streamlining my files I discovered - or I should say rediscovered - papers, teachings and information that I've accumulated from twenty years of study and personal research. This had a rather interesting impact on the whole office tidying tactic. Rather than dreading picking up and sifting through papers, I was now beginning to relish the rediscovered snippets of knowledge and wisdom amassed over the years. I began lovingly to turn pages of old notes, manuals, assessment papers and refresh my memory on so many things. I began to realise that my thirst to amass knowledge has gifted me with many tools, for which I am eternally grateful. My Reiki training - accumulated over a three year period - taught me more than than anything to trust my intuition as a spiritual teacher. My Crystal Healing Diploma reminds me that I always have energy tools at my disposal. My Life Coaching Diploma enables me to bear witness to the human story; not to judge people but to hold them in a safe space where they are able to express the deepest part of themselves. The three years spent running a Spiritual Development Group gave me access to a broad range of information and knowledge on topics such as colour and sound healing, psychic development, divination, energy fields, the reality of an energy universe and much more. My shamanic development has gifted me with an ever deepening awareness of the interlinking cycles of existence and helped me to acknowledge and embrace the gifts that I offer to others.

My spiritual growth continues . All growth continues, and the increasing spiritual awakening across the planet is critical at this juncture of human expression.

So I'm grateful for my day of paper-sifting. I may not have completed the job entirely, but it's a start. As for what it has given me in return - a timeless reminder of who I am and the creation of my Spiritual Toolkit statement -

"I, Diana, of the indigenous Celtic Regni peoples and conduit for ancient cross-cultural wisdom, stand and bear witness to the Spiritual Toolkit that I honour and which is in service to humankind."
Image showing a pair of hands sifting through envelopes and paper held within an old folder
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