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The awakening...

In those days long ago remembered...

A trembling, a questioning, a nervousness not felt for aeons

Began passing like whispers in the night at first

And, seeping through the fabric of fractal time

It began reaching the ears of those who would hear

Jolting those with eyes that would see

Dissolving ever deeper into the denseness of matter

Like treacle being squeezed through muslin the information came not in waves but drip, drip, drip into human consciousness as one by one the great awakening began to stir

In this denseness of matter it crept along at a snails pace

The few awakeners being laughed at or ridiculed or placed on the fringes of society

And for a while things seemed to move ever slower

As the oppressors of humanity started to tighten their grip.

But slowly and surely their never-ending supply of fear frequency was fading

A tipping point was being reached and their work in the shadows could no longer stay in the shadows

So they unleashed their end game, designed to entrap humanity in a replicated sub-human artificial society

But in the great unleashing of turmoil, the things that had once been hidden became to be known, not slowly, but in great leaps

Like seeing the vista from a mountain-top, humans were waking up in droves,

Their hearts bursting open as the great reclaiming of consciousness finally took hold

The slaughing off of distortions, fear and shadow began to be felt

As humans died to what they thought they were, they woke up from the dream of lies

And the whispers from the shamans of old were honoured

The frequencies of reality were again revered

And just as whispers become chatter, and chatter becomes a cacophony of sound,

So the sound of awakening began to spread across the planet

The rebirth of awareness, of being a Co-creator with the Universe,

The frequency of Divine Love made manifest in physical form

Awakening to choice, awakening to conscious manifestation,

Embodying the frequency of love, reforming and reclaiming humanity's origins

The awakening gathered pace until it burst through the fabric of space time itself

And humanity re-claimed its rightful place in partnership with All That Is

And those that had one gripped humanity in fear were plain to all

So, in those days long ago remembered...

Humanity's greatest story is told.

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