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How the new age cage can steal your sovereignty

In my Untaming the Feminine blog last May I spoke about my formative and teenage years, and the patriarchal religious construct that absorbed a chunk of my early adult life. I spoke of the sense of freedom that came when I left all that behind, and how I then trained in various healing practices and as a spiritual coach. That blog finished with my acknowledgement of the authentic, compassionate and inner crone that I've grown into more recently.

There's a missing piece to this story though and now feels like the time to articulate it more fully, recognise and integrate it for what it is. It centres around three words that are sadly still missing within many esoteric 'love n light' gatherings - discernment, boundaries (personal and psychic) and empowerment.

Looking back at my own spiritual path, I can see how all those early experiences helped me to feel 'wanted' and loved by some visceral supreme higher being who only had my best interests at heart. Of course, the deal was - and still is in most religious traditions - that there's divine protection under the wing of a benevolent lord for the greater good of humanity. The operative word being 'under'. When the church turned its back on me, deciding I was the archetypal sinner not worthy of redemption as I had found the love of my life with another woman's husband, it was a turning point. I left religion behind once and for all and within a relatively short time began training in the healing and spiritual arts. I learnt from various traditions and found that most tend to have a similar approach.

In spite of all this wonderful new knowledge and learning though, I had not shifted many core patterns of beliefs. In this new-age idyll of 'love n light' there is no darkness, everything is a blessing, and encounters in other realms with higher beings and other forms of energies are all good and can be trusted. I recall having an angelic reading once and was told, 'don't worry, no need to do anything as the light has already won' . What total hogwash! Absolved of any sort of personal responsibility in co-creating reality, I could just show up, wail and share, and seek answers from higher deities or powers. I could still have all the flaws in the world, still have patterns of behaviour, still not do the work within, and just show up and be blessed in my path. But this didn't sit right with me. In my coaching training I knew about the potential we all have inside, how to dig deep to review behavioural patterns, overcome limiting beliefs and begin to open up new pathways of possibilities. It seemed to me that this crucial element was sadly lacking. Moreover, and potentially dangerously, was the lack of understanding in applying discernment and protection. Many within the new age fraternity are kept locked in a cycle of dependence on a sort of fake fluffiness of spirituality, where energies and incarnate beings keep us dependent on servitude and the reincarnation roundabout, sometimes attaching etheric cords to our energy body, feeding off fear, weakness, smallness and harvesting our energy, til we end up like rags of washed up fibres trapped inside our own caged version of what it means to be human. It really doesn't have to be that way. To be released from this cage though takes the three words I mentioned earlier - discernment, boundaries and empowerment. At this juncture in human history and the unravelling of the world, it's time to engage with and consciously work through our distortions and claim true sovereignty.

A recent example of weak discernment and boundaries came to light on a social media thread I was following. Someone had received some training by a well known healer in that area. She had felt uncomfortable in his presence yet still went ahead. During the training he connected with certain chakra points that needed 'healing'. Soon after the training had completed and she had received her certificates, she started to experience disturbing psychic attacks at night and he was feeding off of her sexual energy and she had felt powerless. She is still working through this trauma. Sadly she had over-ridden her intuition and was drawn into a nightmare. Such entities exist within the physical and non-physical realms and it is high time we understood the importance of having and maintaining strong physical and psychic boundaries and using discernment at all times.

Anyone who has attended one of my workshops or courses knows that I ask for personal participation. That means taking responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions and, crucially, acknowledging and owning your unique human footprint as a spark of Consciousness and therefore your part in co-creating your reality. Having explored and studied the quantum nature of the universe, I know it takes practice to dig deep to clear out the baggage held within the physical matrix, to recalibrate the energy field and to align and commune with the quantum field. Shamanism also reveals the nature of the universal web and the interaction of energy beyond the limitations of spacetime. Authentic journeying to other realms is not about subjugation to other beings. A journey to discover a power animal for example is to discover aspects of your own life force held within the deepest part of the psyche, enabling you to understand yourself more strongly and efficiently. It requires you to be grounded, yet aware. It requires deep and profound processing in order to draw upon your resources as an empowered human. It requires you to be you.

Are you ready to free yourself from your own cage?

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