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Your journey, your way

Over the many years that I've coached and taught people, be it in my capacity as a #Spiritual #Coach or as a #Shamanic Way Seer, one of the fundamental principles I've adhered to is to coach and honour people where they're at in that moment in time. I mentioned this at a recent workshop, which then led to further discussion about the concept and why it's particularly important now. In part this stems from the sheer volume of spiritual knowledge available. You can be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed at the vast number and range of spiritual type courses to choose from. #Spiritual tourism is a big draw in certain areas and there's no doubt that we're witnessing a growth in higher and expanded consciousness, and therefore the information that people are connecting with is increasing exponentially. But that doesn't mean the course you think you need to attend will deliver what you need. I'm the first to admit that I have fallen for this in recent times too; a costly error of judgement on my part when I realised I had chosen the wrong course for my needs. I say error of judgement but I see and acknowledge in hindsight that it was something I had to do in order to realise I didn't need to do it - if that makes sense! I'm only human after all! Anyhow, I digress!! My focus here is to give a little more detail about what I mean about 'coaching and honouring people where they're at'.

For the record I don't offer #shamanic practitioner training, I offer a way for others to develop their own spiritual and #shamanic #practices. As part of that process, my #workshops and #retreats have a central theme and main objective. Outside of that, I see my role more as a #facilitator, bearing witness to others growth and development. This is why I encourage those who attend my #courses to talk about their #journey - why they are here - what is is they want to get from the workshop - why they've chosen this moment in time etc. And it's also one of the main reasons why my workshops are open to #small #groups only. You see, I've discovered over the years that you never know what might be the one piece of information, knowledge or insight that someone needs AT THAT MOMENT. Not a year away, not on an advanced course, not seen as irrelevant, not having the time to be heard in a large group. If it's relevant for YOU AT THAT MOMENT, then it can be something that can be explored in a confidential environment if time allows. It may relate to your spiritual gifts, a question relating to healing, shamanic practices, or the wider #human #awakening that's happening. Or something else. Your journey, your way. Honouring and bearing witness to your growth, spiritual development and gifts, wherever you're at.

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Kathryn Gilmour
Kathryn Gilmour
Feb 22, 2018

When I read this there's thoughts and feelings bubbling up in me, then I try to find the words that fit, mmmm that's hard for me sometimes.

In my past experience I have found that there's people who try and 'teach' others or pass on esoteric knowledge of various kinds and it seems that there's plenty of 'searchers' who are willing to accept this way and want/need to receive instruction. I am not trying to say this is wrong, but for me it comes to finding what's real for me, what's meaningful and adds vitality and inspiration to my life. Not from obtaining instruction from someone else's experience. Also I am finding now that one meeting with one person leads…

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