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“This was a day of gentle, peaceful affirmation.  Thank you for being here at this moment in my life.”

— Iain, Wiltshire

Personal Pow Wow

“I have spent a wonderful day with Diana, reconnecting to aspects of nature, the quantum field and myself. Her guidance and understanding brought me to a space where I am ready to take the next steps into my true purpose."

— Gill, Norfolk

Quantum Creation Day

“Diana has sound knowledge and the ability to hold space for everyone.  Would definitely recommend!"

— Maz, Dorset

The Shaman Within Training

"Thank you so much for this amazing new experience Diana. Such a special and creative thing to do.  Loved it all!"

— Liz, Dorset

Drum Birthing workshop

"Your kindness and wise counsel are authentic and congruent and I feel I have truly had a transformative experience in your safe hands."

— Rio, West Sussex

Personal Retreat

"Wow.  Thank you so much.  It was an amazing day Diana.  I feel equipped and ready to start my new journey.  Wonderful."

— Lynne, Dorset

Unlock your Inner Shaman

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