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Image by Arthur Poulin

quantum school of shamanism

ethos and values

Taking time to understand the nature of who we are as Co-Creators of this quantum reality is profound and life altering.  During this incredible fast-paced global change, many are seeking answers  With over twenty years of experience as a spiritual coach, healer, teacher and guide, and recent deepening shamanic guidance, I am now stepping into the next level of my work.  The quantum school of shamanism offers the opportunity to discern the why and how of many aspects of shamanism and in the energetic use of shamanic 'tools'.  I assist in helping you fine tune meditations, nature work/communication, medicine wheel teachings, frequencies, vibrational work, discernment and connection to Higher Consciousness.  Whether you're new to shamanism or not, there is much to discover and rediscover.

I may also occasionally offer teachings in collaboration with other shamanic teachers and healers. 

My values are aligned with All That Is.  I work with The Light.

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