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3 keys to an expanded you

Rocky mountain top set against a misty background showing a bird of prey flying in the foreground
The top of the mountain

It's all so easy to be caught up in the daily drama and distractions of these revealing and changing times. News is instant these days - both good and bad. In the quest to become more 'connected' we've become hooked into a never ending scrolling of social media posts, tweets and instagram pics whilst being fed a diet of manipulated propaganda that both George Orwell and Aldous Huxley warned us about decades ago. We're programmed daily by a very few mega-wealthy psychopaths (sorry, I simply refuse to call them elite anymore since psychopath better defines an entity that has no ability or capacity to feel empathy) and a mere handful of corporate prostitutes. News is now owned by as little as six companies, governments controlled by shadowy figures, and corporate plundering and poisoning of the earth's resources is simply staggering. They pull our strings, keep us divided, feed off the fear and low-vibrational energy that they induce, and are attempting the ultimate control trick through the development of the 'Internet of Things', A.I and 5G. Is it really any wonder then that we've somehow become more disconnected to the very core of who we are.

Who we are is actually what frightens the few psychopaths the most. The awakening of humanity is gathering pace and, just like an injured caged animal, these handful of empathy-lacking entities are now lashing out as their source of sustenance (i.e. our fear, worry, hate, anger and all other low-vibrational states) is slowly, very slowly, beginning to be replaced with an emerging altruistic coming together of humanity who've simply had enough. The veils are being lifted almost daily now. The psychopaths have revealed their game plan (they always have by the way but many of us have been blind to the occult messages they've been using for decades). Indigenous peoples have been telling us about this time here on earth - the time when humanity wakes up, the time when the children of the earth come together, the time when we dream the world awake. THAT TIME IS NOW.

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception. Aldous Huxley

How do you take that step and embrace this time though? How do you cope with the daily onslaught of disasters, wars, plundering, attacks etc? How do you actually 'wake up' and become an empowered human? It's never a simple answer of course. Each of us has to go through the door of our own perception, to be willing to question, challenge, leave behind, cry, wail and weep until we come face to face with who we really are. We may all have a different trigger event or reason, but the end result is the same - it's bloody awesome to truly expand and stand in our power as a Divine Human Being. So here are 3 keys that are fairly fundamental to this monumental awakening that have been very helpful to me and hope they provide you with the inspiration and desire to become who you truly are.

1. Be willing to completely let go of the you of yesterday so you can birth who you're becoming.

One thing's for sure - I'm definitely NOT the woman I used to be, even only a few short years ago. I've changed so dramatically in the past decade that I really don't relate to so many of the things, beliefs and ideas that I held on to in my previous four or more decades. I have found that having the courage to challenge limiting and outdated beliefs is a vital process that's healthy to explore periodically. We can't grow or expand unless we're prepared to take a cold hard look at what's not working and let go of shit. What's been interesting for me is seeing how other peoples' beliefs about who I am often get stuck in the version of how I used to be. It's particularly true with family members or folk I used to know who still think I'm the Diana they knew when I was a teenager, corporate woman, young mum etc. It can be really interesting and challenging for them when they come face to face with the women I've grown into. Your vibe is your tribe is a very accurate truism - being willing to let go of what - and who - is no longer working for you is very empowering.

2. Value your own uniqueness - you have a gift, quality, talent, ability, offering etc that is YOURS TO CLAIM.

It's taken me years to delve deep into the field of awareness of where my true gifts are. I used to be very modest about my abilities and talents, hidden behind a thick screen of upbringing that said girls shouldn't 'show off', or brag about themselves. It was perfectly acceptable to get good grades of course, but that 'shouldn't' translate into being loud, assertive, or speaking about things I knew about. I recognise in hindsight this was partly because the things I was becoming aware of - my gifts, talents etc - were so far off the traditional trajectory that it was considered weird. (And a thought here in hindsight is that one of the reasons this might be the case is that I had relatives that had been sectioned or incarcerated into institutions and maybe they didn't want another family member going the same way - see my blog here) Even though this might have been in my teens, it has taken YEARS for me to throw off this yoke and clearly speak up in public about my spiritual gifts. Claiming these gifts is part of my uniqueness - you'll find that doing this for yourself will help to expand your awareness even further.

3. Follow your intuitive nudges, even when others might disagree.

Wow - this is a biggie! I could (and probably will lol!) write a another whole blog about intuition. It really is imperative that we all begin to not only recognise how we receive intuitive knowing but actually follow through and not simply ignore or override the nudges. I think all I can say at this point is that ALL the major shifts and changes in my life to date that have had a positive outcome have been completely as a result of following my intuition. They've all happened in small, almost imperceptible ways - maybe a sentence spoken, a nuance in a conversation, a gesture or some type of movement, a sign in nature, a film clip or a myriad of other miniscule moments that have no obvious meaning. Yet in all cases they've happened when I've had a deep KNOWING in my chest that it was the right thing to do. Even in the face of what seemed like impossible obstacles. INTUITION IS A KEY WAY OF EXPANDING AND WORKING WITH UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS.


I've created a beautiful labyrinth here at Shaman's Retreat that provides a powerful rite of passage for those willing to step into expanded awareness. It also now incorporates a birthing avenue... much like some ancient sacred stone circles would have. It has one mission:


Join me for a labyrinth experience as part of a Personal Pow Wow, Retreat or Workshop

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