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3 ways you can empower yourself today

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empowering your spiritual journey

During workshops and retreats I spend quite a lot of time demonstrating and guiding participants in various techniques and spiritual protocols. The purpose in slowing things right down and focusing in on detail is that subtle energetic nuances become more evident. As a result, many participants say they can feel a tangible change, sometimes through some of the most basic things. Even experienced healers, therapists, and spiritual explorers often gain great benefit and a different perspective on things. Interestingly, it's these subtle nuances that are often the guideposts that are missed, overlooked or denied in everyday life. This might be commonly expressed if you begin to question whether you're on the right path, or are having difficulty finding your path or life purpose. But the simple truth is that you don't have to go looking for the right path - you're already on it! Arguably current world events, planetary alignments etc are playing havoc right now and it's such an incredibly hard time for many. So having some basic ways to re-calibrate your energy becomes even more important. Here are three simple ways you can begin to empower yourself today.

1. Spend some time alone in gratitude

Let's start with a simple thing - how often do you actually spend on a daily basis just BEing? Making a deliberate conscious choice to simply BE with yourself is very empowering. I'm not referring to a meditation or yoga practice (although they're very helpful too of course), but what I tend to call 'quiet contemplation'. Sometimes I sit by a window, or sip a coffee whilst walking around the garden, or sit in the office with a blank piece of paper and a pen. It doesn't mean I'll write anything, but just having a blank sheet in front of me is sometimes all the reminder I need that each day is like that blank sheet. From that moment, in an air of gratitude, I can ask- 'what shall I create today?' In my coaching practice years ago, I'd often call this a 'buffer appointment'. If you're life is so full of stuff that you can't find 20 - 30 minutes each day for this type of non-activity, then your life is already way out of kilter. It then becomes very difficult to be aware of and tune into the finer energetic threads that are trying to be heard, seen, and felt through your senses. So build in some daily quiet contemplation to help you to remain grounded, centred and open to possibilities.

2. Actively create and use sacred space and ritual

Everything is hidden in plain sight for those who are waking up; and today the use of arcane and occult symbolism is rife and being used to indoctrinate the masses. I cannot over-estimate that, in my opinion, it's vital to learn how to create and use sacred space and ritual and to learn how to tap into and co-create with Universal consciousness. It begins by arranging sacred and spiritual items, known as 'sacreds', though it's much more than just placing items on a table. In my workshops I prepare a basic sacred circle before people arrive. Then I guide everyone through the method I use to add and 'layer' meaning to the space, depending on the purpose for which the space will be used. This can include colour, sacred symbols, spells, stones, flora, fauna, runes, ogham staves, etc. Participants are encouraged to add their own things to the circle too. Once everything is in place, the final component is to 'charge' the space. This is actually the critical step as it activates the circle through using the spoken word (words are vibration and therefore an energetic tool) and is very powerful. This can include spiritual mantras, drawing protective symbols using a wand, the calling in of the elements, spiritual guides, ancestors, ritualistic prose and more (if you need guidance on this please contact me) There is often a tangible change in the room when this is done; certainly this moment is usually felt by everyone present. There's a lot more detail and technique to utilising such space for specific purposes, but the above outline method is a great way to begin boosting your spiritual awareness. This aspect is covered in depth in The Shaman Within 5 day shamanic immersion training.

3. Practice using and applying your spiritual senses.

Are you clairvoyant? Do you 'hear' messages from Spirit (clairaudiant)? Are you more of an empath with strong clairsentient abilities? Or do you just 'know' stuff (claircognizance)? Did you know that you're hard-wired with ALL these traits? As an energy being you have these built-in mechanisms which are natural ways to communicate with Universal consciousness. These are not simply gifts for a few people. YOU have these abilities within you... you've just forgotten how to use them. My role is to help you remember... remember how to recognise them, what they feel like, how to harness and use them to empower you. So when you see fleeting images in your peripheral vision, or think you've heard an animal 'speak', see repeating numbers or words, 'feel' when something is right or 'off', TRUST them. You are an energy being living in a multi-dimensional universe. To give an example - your physical eyesight (i.e. what is known as visible light) is a mere 0.0035% of the entire electro-magnetic spectrum! That is miniscule! So start flexing your spiritual senses today. Begin by making notes of when/how you notice things, where in your body you notice sensations, feelings , what was happening etc. This will help you build your own library of knowledge and how you can use and develop these natural gifts.

If you'd like more detail about these steps or want to spend time exploring and developing your spiritual path, then consider booking a Personal Pow-Wow with me.

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