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Dreaming the world awake

Last night I had a dream. A very vivid one, so real in fact that I woke up with a deep sense of anguish in the pit of my stomach. I've come to know these type of ultra-real dreams as #shamanic type dreams because they are so real. I woke with a sense that it was really important for me to remember and recall the message. Whatever type of dream it is, one thing I know for sure is that it taps into the very fabric of the #web and #universal #consciousness. The type of dream where you wake up feeling exhausted, as if you've had no sleep. In conversation with others I know this is a common experience and is considered by many to be a time of downloading information from Source. Indigenous peoples have been telling us for some time that the #dream world is the real world, and that dreams provide messages and information. Well, last night the #Universe gave me a message. And I'm compelled to get it down on paper while it's still lodged in my third eye. Perhaps only then will the exhaustion and headache ease once I've released its message.

The dream concerns how men are collectively feeling presently. As we continue to witness women stepping into their true power, finding their true authentic voice and bringing the #Divine #Feminine back to our collective consciousness, there's an equally valid message from the #Divine #Masculine. And it tells me that there is a deep rooted anguish that fills the male psyche. Not just fills, but overwhelms. Their #souls are crying. This anguish has been playing out for thousands of years and is being highlighted in this era of deep awakening. There's a Native American Cherokee proverb that says 'A woman's highest calling is to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with Source. A man's highest calling is to protect woman so she is free to walk the earth unharmed'.

The anguish that I sensed in my dream is as a result of the distortion of the principle 'to protect'. We see this across the world through the militarisation of police forces that protect corporate interests above human interests; where lobotomised and robotised officers face down women on the front line of protests by using force and, in some cases such as the pipeline protests in the States, the use of water cannons and police dogs against protectors, including women. We see the same thing playing out with male cannon fodder - sorry, but I refuse to use the term soldier - that destroys countries, rape women and kill children. And not to mention the wholesale misuse of behavioural techniques such as NLP, which slowly reframes behaviour until men simply follow rules/orders without questioning. The current ramping up of robocop-style policing is just a step towards phase II - #AI (Artificial Intelligence) policing by robots. This is a very real possibility which is already in its infancy and which could be rolled out in the next few years if we don't stop it. The AI agenda is being pushed by shadowy entities that are missing the vital human element of empathy. And it's this feeling of deep empathy which men are collectively craving. Images flashed in my head during my dream - horrid ones about what mean have had to endure throughout human history. And now they want, need and desire to be able to find themselves again. To stand alongside women IN #BALANCE - to bring yin and yang together - to truly protect women, #Gaia, and the feminine principle. Of course there's a huge surge of awakening men in just the same way as awakening women. And I'm deeply encouraged by this. Truly.

Being shown such a powerful dream is to highlight the intensity of men's awakening and Divine Masculine in much the same way as women and the Divine Feminine. And as women to find our role in helping men. Can we as women find it in ourselves to help lead men to the very heart of humanity - to lead a man to his soul so as to unite him with Source? Can we help them to feel the empathy they so crave, to heal what needs to be healed so they can stand with us? I for one pray that we do.

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