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Edge people

For nearly 40 years I've lived on the edges of a town or village, straddling county borders, walking between #landscapes, observing from the fringes and #boundaries, enjoying the outskirts and perimeters. And even with our move to #Somerset in 2015, it wasn't until we had moved into our new home that the realisation dawned on me on exactly how close we are to the county border with #Dorset! Interestingly too, even when we go on holiday, we enjoy visiting border towns and places of interest. So it's interesting to explore what being 'edge people' means for me and why this is an important aspect of being aligned with my spiritual path and the unique gift that I bring to others. At the very heart of this story is the recognition that I've always had a sense of being different; from an early age I had longingly looked out of my parents' bedroom window and felt that I was meant to be somewhere else and that I was supposed to be doing something different. Fast forward through the decades and through #spiritual #training, #healing work, #shamanic #awakenings and #spirit #visions I am walking my talk, following my joy and aligned with my spiritual path. This path of being on the border, on the edge of community, is to stay in quiet watchful mode, seeing things from afar, allowing my #eagle #power #animal to keenly observe and pinpoint when help or guidance is needed. I hold the space for #souls and individuals who wish to explore, expand and understand their soul path. Being on the edge enhances my ability to walk between the worlds, to tap into #intuitive #wisdom, to see the wider picture, to feel the web of life and interlinking cycles of universality to which we all belong. Being on the edge here in #Somerset is also what attracts those who seek #spiritual #sustenance within small groups or individually. The landscape and energy of this border location provides a #retreat space that is gently rejuvenating, relaxing and refreshing. At this time of deep planetary awakening there is great need for souls to be soothed and held in a space that is between the worlds - to connect them to the very essence of who they are so they can reclaim their #spiritual #inheritance. So living and being on the edge is very relevant and important right now. In recent times I've been told by more than one medium that my work is shifting gear and I feel this happening at an ever quickening pace. As the #global shift towards the #fifth #dimension gathers pace, so too does my work. And one more thing that being 'an edge' person means to me at a personal level after running a workshop, course or some training - the ability to retreat to the eerie of my spirit eagle tree , to feed and sustain my soul and once more observe from the fringes for the passing souls in need. Namaste


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