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healing services

Your body has innate intelligence and the ability to maintain a dynamic state of balance.  When this is out of balance it can result in pain - physical, emotional or spiritual.  To seek healing is to engage in an interactive and participatory process that restores this harmony. This begins from the moment you step into the vibrational energy of Shaman's Retreat. An initial consultation helps to inform the best approach, including any ongoing work on yourself. I recommend wearing comfortable casual clothing. The session includes what is most relevant for your wellbeing, such as various shamanic work, Reiki, Crystals, and/or various Sound Therapy 

If you'd like a free 15 minute telephone chat to discuss your requirements, please contact me HERE


For those requiring some overdue general healing such as auric field boost, recovery after illness or surgery, relaxation and/or improved overall wellbeing.


90 minutes  £72

revive & restore

For long-standing, embedded issues such as physical/ emotional imbalances or trauma, chakra/ energy field blockages, and/or attachments.  This may also incorporate the  4 Pillars Healing Protocol    for those recovering from soul loss, dark night of the soul trauma and/or higher consciousness loss.

3 x 90 minutes  £216

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