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Unravelling to Authenticity

2020 - the year of the great unravelling. It's a tumultuous time when things, places, relationships, work, home and just about every aspect of life may begin to feel increasingly uncomfortable. Like a tsunami, it's rumblings may be felt at a subtle level, but before long the full force of a giant wave engulfs you, knocking you off balance big time. It can feel as if you no longer understand life in any shape or form. Everything is changing. The old ways of operating and being are no longer working. Earth is under great strain and the vibrations of the planet are being felt by everyone in some way. Astrologically January has already seen the conjunction of no less than 4 planets lining up at the same moment. The unfolding of tragic and cataclysmic events continue across the world while political and global agendas are coming under increasing scrutiny by an ever growing populace who retain the ability to question a mainstream narrative that shuts down any other view. Everything is unravelling at lightning speed now. This is causing many to feel pain and suffering in many different ways. The world is reflecting back to you that life isn't working. You may have a mental fog, physical aches and pains that have no obvious cause, or feel great emotional strain. Everything is now 'up in the air' - nothing is working the way you've been brought up to believe. The life that you've created up to this point has been the result of programming - parents, education, society's rules, second hand beliefs, and wholesale indoctrination. These programmes having been running in a loop, keeping you locked into a cycle of outdated beliefs. As you look around at the broken world, the chaos, the war mongering, the greed, the wholesale destruction of nature, you recognise that life isn't working - at all. It slowly dawns on you that you've been hoodwinked, lied to, sold down the river of believing that life is supposed to follow an orderly manner.

If this is something you've been experiencing and life hasn't been working for you recently then I congratulate you. You're beginning to unravel yourself from the matrix. You're starting the process of recognising that you are more than a physical being. Your Authentic Higher Self is now seeping through the barriers of social conditioning and getting your attention. At this point you may be enticed into new age notions such as karma, angelic beings or other astral energy reaching out a guiding hand to save you. However, your Authentic Higher Self is just that - it's YOU. As a Co-Creative Being of the Universe, you can reach beyond false paradigms and begin to reclaim your Spiritual Authenticity. Shamanism teaches that you are a magnificent Divine Being of the Universe. It teaches ways to access multi-dimensional space/time so that you can learn how to thrive, to manifest, to co-create.

The new hope now dawning is the realisation that this year of unravelling is a step to Spiritual Authenticity. It's time to heal and release outdated ancestral agreements and programmes that you've been running over and over. It's time to release the notion of separateness or lack until you sit with the raw and powerful beauty of your eternal Self, allowing it to sweep away what no longer serves you. It's not pretty. It's not easy. Letting go of the notion of who you thought you were is challenging. But it's time. Time to recognise and learn how to be a Co-Creator. To Unravel to Authenticity.

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